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Create Drama and Interest in Your Outdoor Space with Pergolas and Arbors

Creating dimension, depth and interest in your outdoor living spaces is made easy with pergolas and arbors. From regulating the amount of sunlight that enters your yard to adding form and function to your outdoor area, these structures come in a variety of materials and can be used in different ways.

Pergolas: A Room with a View

Pergolas are a great way to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living spaces. With slatted roofs and anchoring posts, pergolas provide coverage over patios, decks, and green spaces. Peter Parker, a project manager at Total Home Manager LLC in New Jersey, says that his firm works with clients to design and create pergolas of various styles, depending on the architecture, setting, and client’s personal taste. He adds that details can be aligned with the home’s architecture, and sometimes even integrated lighting is a playful addition to the structure.

Pergolas are often used as transition spaces to define entry points that lead into gardens or different areas. One of Total Home’s projects recently involved a pergola that framed the entryway from the driveway and into the backyard. Another included a larger construction project that featured a pool renovation combined with landscaping, plants, a retaining wall, and even a pergola that acts as an enclosed seating area.

In terms of purpose, not only do pergolas offer shade when oriented to block the sunlight, they also provide dappled light if you choose to install rafters in the top of the structure. When planning to build a pergola, it’s important to know that the project might require building permits from the local municipality which include construction inspections throughout the process.

Arbors: Defining Entrance Points

Arbors are smaller structures that are mostly used as entryways or gateways. Unlike pergolas, arbors are the perfect framework for climbing or vining plants. Materials commonly used in arbors, trellises, and other outdoor structures are wood, wrought iron, vinyl, composite, or anything else that is suitable for the space.

John Gemmi, owner of Gemmi Construction Inc in Buckingham Township, frequently works with clients to combine trellises, pergolas, and arbors with their landscaping projects. When it comes to materials, he advises clients to choose something durable that will handle the wear and tear of season shifts, such as composite material. At the same time, Gemmi emphasizes the importance of considering how the space will be used, how often, and for how long before committing to any construction projects.

Bringing Pergolas and Arbors into Your Home

Whether your goal is to provide shade or to simply create interesting outdoor spaces, pergolas and arbors can help you meet your goals. By considering the purpose of the structure, selecting the right materials, and gathering the necessary building permits and construction inspections, you’ll be able to create a pergola or arbor that suits your needs and adds a touch of drama and interest to your outdoor living space.

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