“25 Inspiring Pergola Ideas to Enhance Outdoor Living – From Architectural Digest”

Discover 25 Amazing Pergola Ideas For The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

With the rise of outdoor living spaces, it’s increasingly important to understand how to handle sun damage and create the perfect outdoor area. Pergola ideas provide the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor space without compromising your wellbeing. A covered pergola can even provide a bridge between indoor and outdoor living, creating a tranquil ‘living room on the outside’.

If you’re ready to start designing your dream pergola, let’s explore the best inspirations and ideas for creating the perfect ambiance.

What is the Purpose of a Pergola?

Before beginning any construction or landscaping, it’s useful to understand the differences between a pergola and other common outdoor structures. A gazebo is a free-standing structure which comes with its own decks and a full roof. Awnings are small, roof-like structures that are often attached to the wall of the house. Privacy screens and trellises are walls or latticework, used to train climbing plants or provide an additional layer of privacy.

So, what is a pergola? Unlike a gazebo, a pergola does not have a full roof and is designed to allow some sun through. It can be free-standing or incorporated into an existing structure. Pergolas also offer practical benefits, such as incorporating a retractable awning as a roof for complete sun coverage or having a wall or trellis as a privacy screen. The best pergola can also be a focal point in your outdoor space, taking your landscaping ideas to a whole new level.

Let’s Take a Look at 25 Inspiring Pergola Ideas

From Mediterranean-influenced designs, modern concepts and poolside structures to Earth-bound pergolas, there are a range of inspiring pergola ideas to choose from.

Here are 25 of the best designs to help you decide on the perfect outdoor structure:

1. Parlay Mediterranean–Style Pergola
2. Slatted Roof Gazebo
3. Admirable Natural Wood Pergola
4. Combination Gazebo
5. Grand Tree Pergola
6. Retractable Pergola Roof Cover
7. One-of-a-Kind Poolside Structure
8. Contemporary Wooden Structure
9. Rustic Retreat on Wheels
10. Aquatic Portal Pergola
11. Balinese Billowy Bamboo
12. Intimate Corner Pergola
13. Secret Garden Penthouse Pergola
14. Refined Arbor-Inspired Gazebo
15. Barnyard Retreat Pergola
16. Postmodern Pointed Structure
17. French Country Style Pergola
18. Open Altar Pergola
19. Sunken Picket Pergola
20. Mid-Century Sleek Pergola
21. Breathtaking Zen Pergola
22. Sprawling Shade Arbor
23. Rustic Urban Pergola
24. Walnut Shade Gazebo
25. Multi-Level Luxury Pergola